Polish far right, racist politician Marian Kowalski is planning a meeting in London!

Kowalski.pngMarian Kowalski is one of the founders of the far right organisation Ruch Narodowy (National Movement) in Poland. He is also a long time nationalist activist, involved in organization of neo-nazi gatherings in the city of Lublin where he lives. He had been a presidential candidate for several far-right parties and is well known for his extreme, racist beliefs.

He is supposed to be having an open meeting on 21st October
We cannot allow him to come here and spread his poisonous, divisive
message. Dywizjon 161 is appealing to everyone concerned to contact the
venue, which is a Polish restaurant in Ealing and politely ask them if
they are happy to host such a person.

Kuźnia Smaku
175 Ealing Road
W5 4 London, United Kingdom

Tel: 020 8127 6464

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Ku%C5%BAnia-Smaku-347218932080059/

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